We are a team of organisations and professional bakers passionate about supporting the refugee community into meaningful work in Aotearoa. Our programme of learning and employment pathways make the transition from refuge to home a recipe away.


The Bread Collective have teamed up with the AUT School of Hospitality and Tourism to deliver accessible education to former refugees in Aotearoa through a co-created programme of learning focused on the art of baking. Our programme combines the social nature of hospitality with the familiarity of baking and is designed to foster understanding of working in our local bakeries to support our team members into their first jobs in Aotearoa.

Our programme is taught in combination with industry professionals, supporting the building of collegial networks, and focusing on the practical components of baking. Our students are supported to learn the English language and have access to mental health support as they cope with the events in the past and prepare for a hopeful future. All of our students are given the skills and support they need to make a home here in Aotearoa.

If you would like to register your interest, please click on ‘Keen to be involved’ for further information.